Macadamia harvester Australia


Several rotary sweepers gather the fallen nuts in front of the floating pick-up.



An efficient cylindrical pick-up with rubber brushes collects the gathered fruit. The pick-up ‘floats’ to allow it to follow the contours of the ground preventing catching on bumps and hollows. To allow for foliage cover on the ground, the entrance throat can also be hydraulically adjusted.

Uncollected Fruit

Fruit not swept out on the first pass is blown back between the tree spaces by an ultra-powerful lateral turbine ready to be gathered by the sweepers on the run down the opposite side of the row.


Waste Products

Leaves and branches are removed using a powerful blower and an inverted conveyor belt. Any dirt or trash simply drops through the elevator chain. This chain has spacings of either 11mm or 16mm.



The harvester comes with a choice of 1300 or 1700 litre hoppers. The hopper can be moved to all positions allowing for easy emptying into a bin, trailer, or a pit.


Distribution and After Sales Service

The AMB All-In-One macadamia sweeper harvester is manufactured in France by AMB Rousset and imported into Australia by Centracks Orchard Services. Delivery and operator training can be arranged anywhere within Australia.

We stock a comprehensive range of spare parts in Australia and can arrange manufacturer approved servicing by trained technicians.