Centracks Orchard Services

Centracks is owned by Andrew and Joanne Wallis who, prior to this most recent business partnership, operated the Bundaberg John Deere dealership for some 23 years with that business expanding to include several branches across central Queensland before they sold it in 2013.

The Wallis’s have also had their own farming operation for some 20 years and have been macadamia growers for around 10 years.

With their own macadamia trees becoming productive, Andrew identified a need for a more efficient and practical means of harvesting the fruit than was currently available in Australia.

His quest to fill that need eventually led to the partnership with AMB Rousset - who took the problem and developed a practical, cost-effective solution.


Andrew Wallis from Centracks Orchard Services


AMB Rousset

Established in 1974, AMB Rousset have established a reputation for designing and manufacturing quality equipment for harvesting a range of nuts and fruits.

Their equipment includes harvesters, shakers, dryers, washers, hullers, hoppers, inspection tables, sizing sieve machine, nut crackers, and nut dehuskers.

Until recently, macadamia harvesters had not been a traditional market for AMB due to the limited number of growing locations around the world.

However, with expanded worldwide production and the need for a more efficient harvesting solution, AMB were up to the challenge and developed the revolutionary All-In-One sweeper harvester for the macadamia industry.

For more information, please visit the AMB Rousset website at www.amb-rousset.com/en/


Distribution and After Sales Service

The AMB All-In-One macadamia sweeper harvester is manufactured in France by AMB Rousset and distributed in Australia by Centracks Orchard Services.

Delivery and operator training can be arranged anywhere within Australia.

We stock a comprehensive range of spare parts in Australia and can arrange manufacturer approved servicing by trained technicians.